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Etsy Marketing – Etsy by the numbers

By cdurnanadmin | Nov 20, 2013

Really do some searching of the categories you participate in on the Etsy site and see what the numbers are in relation to your product, that category, and then fine tune your description as well for the search terms. We’ll talk about those descriptions more later. However, For now… let’s listen to the numbers.. I…

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E-letter Subject Lines

By cdurnanadmin | Oct 24, 2013

First Impressions can be as simple as those first three little words in your subject line. Captivate your Audience and Draw them in! It is really important to have a subject that will “open”. Your recipients will want to read. Things to think through when creating – When an email comes in to an inbox,…

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Be current with your interactions in social media

By cdurnanadmin | Sep 17, 2013

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. ~ Buddha Concentrating on the right now is so important with media. You can create posts on your social media sites ¬†and schedule for months in advance, but the one thing they will lack is the…

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Will they take the bait?? Bounce Rate

By cdurnanadmin | Aug 29, 2013

I recently was interested in the watching of a crazy certain VMA awards show with Miley Cyrus in it. I didn’t see the show, but was able to watch the aftermath with the eyes of a marketer. Oh yes, there is the she is 20 and in the public eye. She is this She is…

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Don’t count out the “other” mobile users?

By cdurnanadmin | Aug 22, 2013

  There are different variations of Mobile users. Those that are happy with their choice: Android vs. iOS. Those that wish they could have the other choice. Those who love their choice and assume there is no other. ¬†However, they are pretty closely matched in most statistics. If you research varied sources of information because…

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E-Letters & MailChimp

By cdurnanadmin | Aug 5, 2013

There are many different software for e-letters. Let’s talk about using MailChimp. MailChimp is an easy to use and free (with a few limitations) software. They offer some phenomenal items like Chimpadeedoo and scheduled emails. If you want a simple program to get your e-letter campaign started I highly recommend. If you have a question…

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