Don’t count out the “other” mobile users?


resized_03A11629There are different variations of Mobile users.

  • Those that are happy with their choice: Android vs. iOS.
  • Those that wish they could have the other choice.
  • Those who love their choice and assume there is no other.

 However, they are pretty closely matched in most statistics.
If you research varied sources of information
because sales are of course about marketing and word of mouth.
It can be so helpful when you can skew statistics for use to benefit your market plan.

Always look at multiple sources of information. 

Recently, I showed a client how her page displayed on the two different platforms. Needless to say she was not pleased that the share of Android users would not view her site as intended or even be able to see it really after it full loaded. Mobile platforms are so important from tablets to phones.

Remember to not count out that whole client base on the “other” operating system.

I found the links below interesting reads and visuals. My suggestion is don’t soak to much time into getting a finite decision on which is better. I have a feeling it will be debated for time and  millennium just like technology will continue to grow and change.  I would suggest you  soak some time into happy mobile responsive websites that respond to both platforms. This will make sure you have your mobile covered for mobile happy customers and aren’t we all very mobile as we do business and are on the go? Don’t we love quick websites that make it easy to get information and what we are looking for? It makes us happy!


Chris Durnan



Interesting reads:

Who’s winning iOS or Android? April 24, 2013

Mapbox twitter user map.
I found this pretty cool and interesting. This is based on twitter users only.  Click on the android vs iphone and you can see who uses twitter on which phone platform.

Mobile User stats around the world. 
I love that this site offers tons of sources for his infographic. Interesting.


If you are on pinterest, I have a marketing board that might interest you.