Be current with your interactions in social media

resized_02F64340Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. ~ Buddha

Concentrating on the right now is so important with media. You can create posts on your social media sites  and schedule for months in advance, but the one thing they will lack is the right now. Recently, discussions of floodings and shootings are running through the social media outlets.  Sharing your thoughts on these moments or a few words about them adds the human side and the personal touch those sitting behind a computer crave.

It is important to be current with your information and participate in your “media”. It is called social media for a reason. To be social and interactive and for the most part current.

You can plan to check in with your social media to comment on comments or like likes. however, It is best to plan to have at least one live post a week that you type straight from your current surroundings, the media or the world around you.

Remember to keep that interaction an active and “social” thing.  I think if you do and it is from the heart and speaks to your following, you will be pleasantly surprised at the interaction you will receive.