Freshen up your content with some old photos & stale trivia!

We love to reminisce! It is proven with, classic car shows, Antique Roadshow, vintage clothing, history channels,  trivia games and the ever popular Throwback Thursday and Memory Monday  that runs across social media platforms. “It’s not good because it’s old, it’s old because it’s good.” These touches with the past help your content freshen up…

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Plummeting Facebook Organic Numbers

Now is the time to rethink your social media if you are focusing solely on facebook. Here is an article from Social Media Today regarding the plummeting 1-2% of viewers who will organically see the posts you put together:  So you are a small business or non-profit What should you do? Some ideas below:…

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Responsive Design and Dynamik

Responsive Design is so important right now with the mobile, tablets and smartphones.   I created the wordpress for clients with Dynamik so the client can use the site and manage. Here is a video on Responsive in regards to Dynamik.   Another website that is helpful in regards to Responsive Design is   Quirk…

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