Cheers to the Atomic Grill

Cheers to the Atomic Grill in Morgantown West Virginia.

For taking a social media troll, trying to cause chaos for a business, being rude to a waitress and then turning it around. It is a wise decision to make it into a benefit for those who deserve it.

Sometimes actions do speak louder than (inappropriate) words.

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arrowblueorangeFor those of you running blogs, marketing on social media. The stalkers of social media will find you from time to time. You can combat this by having your blog or facebook walls setup for approval only posts. Yes, help those with customer service when they have a real situation. No, we don’t let those trying to gain their own limelight by bashing others a place in our space.
Keep your web space positive and on the upward trend.


If you do run into issues, consider these steps to get out of them:

  • Always respond if it is not a personal assault, but a business or service response.
  • Try to move the discussion to a private discussion.
  • Be clear in your words.
  • Be compassionate and understanding.
  • Understand that some media users really are trying to just cause a ruckus. It’s like the kid who needs to be the center of attention. The one who doesn’t know that you can be the spotlight by shining rather than ruining someone’s day.
  • Walk away from the computer if you feel elevated and frustrated. Always reply when you are in control of your emotions. This is business not personal.  Have someone read your response.
  • Keep your response short and factual. Do not add to the debate.
  • If it is personal or turns personal, do not respond. If you feel the need, then end it with a note that says you are done and all conversations have been kept a record of if needed. Remove the post, save screen shots and copies and leave it alone. I personally have consulted a lawyer over past issues and in a time of concern when a family member was brought into the discussion. There are lines one should not cross. Set your boundary and do not be baited. 


Some of these steps above may or may not help you with the situation, but are things to consider when moving forward.

A lot of these types of situations can be thwarted from the outset by having your settings set correctly on your site and social medias.

And that can include making individuals sign in to comment and give themselves a name.

Have a wonderful day! And always look for a silver lining in any issue and how you can turn it around.