E-letter Subject Lines

First Impressions can be as simple as those first three little words in your subject line.

Captivate your Audience and Draw them in!

It is really important to have a subject that will “open”. Your recipients will want to read.

Things to think through when creating –

  • When an email comes in to an inbox, the name of your business is in the “from” area. Don’t waste a valuable spot in repeating yourself twice.
  • Statistically the first three words in your subject are the most important.
  • Long Subjects will get tagged as “Spam” and head to the Spam Filter. It is important to keep it below 50 characters.
  • Words like Newsletter, Book, Report and Learn slow down your open rate.

Engage with interesting Short subjects that won’t end up in the Spam Filter or the “Promotions” tab of gmail.

Ultimately, think about your base and who you are emailing to. So many researches and statistics will conflict each other and make items shine. ¬†You’re creating the e-letter so do it with those you are sending to in mind. If they signed up looking for health tips direct them that way, craft freebies draft it that way, a personal note from you. Do that.

If your email manager has a Subject Tester, Use It! There is a reason there.

And think about those emails you delete and open because your first glimpse is always those first three words of the subject.





Here is a little more information from Mail Chimp on their research.

And some word by word statistics here.

If you want to banter around some subject lines.. please let me know. I love to Market!