Freshen up your content with some old photos & stale trivia!

We love to reminisce! It is proven with, classic car shows, Antique Roadshow, vintage clothing, history channels,  trivia games and the ever popular Throwback Thursday and Memory Monday  that runs across social media platforms.

“It’s not good because it’s old, it’s old because it’s good.”

These touches with the past help your content freshen up a little and gives folks a little something of interest to comment on. Viewers need a break from information fatigue, but valuable content is important. Most find our history as valuable.

If your post includes a photo, the possibility of it being shared is higher. If that photo is yours, take a few moments and add a watermark. It can be your name, your website address, or business name. (There are many watermark tools out there. I will post a list of those soon on the VDS blog. )


For now, remember your past in social media with these important steps:


-Use Photos of memorable items i.e. cars, corners, landmarks, advertisements

-Watermark those images if they are yours

-Tag or link , if you can, to other businesses shown in the photos

-Use hashtags (all one word) #throwbackthursday #tbt #memorymonday

-Engage those who comment on your posts


Revive your content with some history!


Chris Durnan