Will they take the bait?? Bounce Rate

I recently was interested in the watching of a crazy certain VMA awards show with Miley Cyrus in it. I didn’t see the show, but was able to watch the aftermath with the eyes of a marketer. Oh yes, there is the she is 20 and in the public eye. She is this She is that. Why didn’t Robin Thicke stop it? Yada yada. The finger pointing goes on and on.

To me it was a huge lesson in marketing and branding. Miley’s 20 year old branding has been crazy outlandish and how to stay in the news and in the forefront and in the right now. So you must up your game a little more every time it seems when you go with this branding. Your base is crazy then you cross to outlandish then you step on the line of shocked viewers. It either works for you when you touch that line or it doesn’t. We’ll save the discussion of different brandings for another time.

In the aftermath, I was lead to a phenomenal commentary piece written by By Meredith Artley, Managing Editor Of CNN.Com.

I think this commentary is so helpful and not for the reasons you may think.  I am always looking for a good explanation for clients on the many different aspects of websites, marketing etc.  I can explain it, but it is so better to really feel it and understand. My biggest effort is to find something relate-able to that client and not a bunch of acronyms or explanations of things a business owner doesn’t really want to file away in their mental rolodex. An example that really puts them in the mode to understand all the things I remind them of when working on content for printing, facebook or website.

This article, by Ms. Artley,  explains why you would put a hugely controversial item on your page front and center in prime real estate, but even better it explains in simple terms what a “bounce rate” is. When creating a website, you really need to craft it with attention grabbing and great content. Or you can go with dancing teddy bears and weird giraffe tongue moves.

But for now lets stick with Bounce Rate and marketing perspective. And then let me know… did you do it? Did you click at the end? 

Here is the link to the commentary to give it a try. 

Have any questions, let me know. I love to discuss marketing.